Steve McKechnie


Subject: The Scalpel

Steve McKechnie is a structural engineer and a director at Arup. He has spent the last 34 years designing buildings of all shapes and sizes in the UK and around the world, ranging in scale from Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and The Scalpel, a 35 storey office building in the City, to the penguin enclosure at Bristol Zoo.

Steve is now Structural Engineering Discipline Leader at Arup’s London office.  He leads a team that concentrates on some of the most interesting and challenging projects such as 8 Bishopsgate, a 50-storey office building in the City of London and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, where they have built six new towers using prestressed stone masonry panels, and a 60m high continuous stone cantilever stair.

Steve is co-author of the Concrete Centre guide to the design of tall buildings and is an industrial teaching fellow at UCL.

He has spoken recently within the industry on tall building design methods; Nurturing Digital Talent; BIM and scripted optimisation; approaches to high risk structures; viscous damping; core prestressing; design for manufacture and the design of the towers at La Sagrada Familia. 

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