Allan Hurdle

Technical Consultant
Serge Ferrari

Subject: Allan Hurdle

Headline Exhibitors, Serge Ferrari - 10 Minute Audience Address from Allan Hurdle, Technical Consultant.

Allan K. Hurdle has been involved in the HVAC Industry for over 30 years, specialising in smoke control and HVAC products. He has held roles as Managing Director of Elta Fans, Vice President of FlaktWoods UK and acted as an advisor to a number of manufacturers. He is involved with several of the post-Hackitt report Industry Response Groups and is chair of the BSI H25/05 working group on new guides for service and maintenance of smoke control products. Allan now works as a consultant for Serge Ferrari Stamisol UK, in raising the awareness of Euroclass A2 membranes for additional building safety at high-rise and high-risk buildings.

Façade membranes used within a high-rise building can cover a huge area of the building envelope and therefore have high fire and water damage risk. Addressing the issue of A2 façade breather membranes should form part of any overall façade fire and building protection strategy. Within this presentation we will show, which 3Ts (Testings) are essential for your fire safety concept of external wall systems.

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