Tall Buildings warranty and Building Control Provider Premier Guarantee Turns 25


Manchester United won the league title, Tony Blair was Prime Minister and Harry Potter became a literary phenomenon. Yet 1997 was a landmark year for another reason – Premier Guarantee was launched. Now 25 and one of the largest providers of structural warranty in the UK, Premier Guarantee has become a major player in tall buildings construction.

Premier Guarantee's first high-rise (six storeys+) development was the eight-floor, 68-unit Tower Building in Liverpool. That was back in 2003.

In the two decades since, the structural warranty and building control provider has helped construct 650 high-rise buildings in the UK, totalling almost 6,500 storeys. Taking an average floor height of 3.75m, that's the equivalent of two-and-a-half Mount Everests.

Premier Guarantee has developed a specialist team with the skills and experience required to deliver complex high-rise projects. Offering both structural warranty and building control services, it has honed its processes and found significant advantages through early engagement. Initial meetings take place as early as RIBA Stages 0 to 2, and an early design review is offered at RIBA Stage 3. This ensures designs are compliant before construction begins.

As David Richardson, Operations Director for Chalegrove Properties, the developers behind London's 75-storey Landmark Pinnacle building told us: "We are very pleased with the way Premier Guarantee integrate themselves in the design process. Their involvement from the early stages all the way to the end is truly outstanding." Site inspections start at foundation stage and are tailored according to the needs of the project, with regular design reviews and a progress dashboard keeping you and your project on track.

Policies provide cover from 10 years and include mechanical and engineering defects for plant installations as well as structural defects.  

For more information: www.premierguarantee.com

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