Canary Wharf Group to submit plans for next high


Canary Wharf Group is drawing up plans for up to eight new buildings at its North Quay site next to the new landmark Crossrail station in London Docklands.

It will submit outline plans in March for construction of a mixed-use, high-rise scheme with at last one of the buildings rising to 225m or 68 floors in height.

This would be the next stage of development to be brought forward on the main Wharf site.

At this stage, the developer expects a 30/70 ratio split of residential to commercial, although it wants to have the flexibility to respond to changes in the market over the next 5 to 10 years.

Allies and Morrison has drawn up plans for the 3 acres North Quay site, located to the north of the recently constructed Crossrail Station, on the northern side of the North Dock and to the south of Aspen Way.

Source: Construction Enquirer
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