Dekton® by Cosentino

Cosentino__LogoDekton® by Cosentino is proof that you can continue to innovate in the field of materials for architecture and design. Dekton® meets changing needs of today's consumers and professionals. Dekton® anticipates the future of surfaces for architecture and design.

After its launch in 2013, Dekton® is the greatest technological and commercial challenge carried out up to now by Cosentino, and is born with the objective of becoming a global leader in the world of architecture and design both for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Dekton® is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials that is used to manufacture glass, porcelain materials and quartz surfaces. Manufactured with TSP technology (Technology of Sintered Particles), Dekton® is a completely revolutionary product that has superior technical characteristics, can recreate any type of material with a high level of quality and is offered in large format slabs. This allows Dekton® to easily adapt to the creativity and versatility of modern architecture.

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