Michael Hough

MJH Structural Engineers

Subject: Designing and Building Tall Prefabricated Buildings (includes a case study on George Street, Croydon)

Michael is the founder of MJH Structural Engineers, a company focused on the offsite sector and in particular, Modular Construction.  Michael works on the detailed design and delivery for all projects in the office together with the engineering and draughting teams.

The company specialise in developing efficient and creative systems and solutions in collaboration with their clients. MJH are involved in project delivery from planning and modularisation through manufacture and construction to the completed building.

Over the last 16 years Michael has worked to innovate and create modular systems capable of large scale and high-rise construction.  Michael has worked as a structural engineer in the precast industry, pharmaceutical industry and general consulting engineering.  Michael has worked on a number of award-winning buildings for both new build and renovation and has received a number of personal awards for papers and presentations presented to professional institutions.

Michael leads the engineering team that delivered the 29 storey Apex House in 12 months recently and is currently working on the 44-storey modular construction at George Street, Croydon.

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