Lara Kinneir

New London Architecture

Subject: Chair of Morning Session. Plus: Findings of the New London Architecture ‘2018 London Tall Buildings Survey’

Lara is educated in architecture, her work focusing on enabling design and innovation for the betterment of the city. With a multidisciplinary design and strategy background, Lara has worked in architectural and urban design practices, academia, local government and the charity sector for the past 15 years. Her portfolio includes the design and client management of major regeneration projects in London, leading a community education programme in Sao Paulo, masterplanning in Madrid, Moscow and Jerusalem, and building timber framed homes across Europe.

Lara currently leads the Urban Programme at the London School of Architecture. She is a member of the Northern Ireland Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment, co-ordinates a network on Urban Governance in UN Habitat’s Universities Network Initiative, and is currently completing a PhD entitled ‘Enabling the Practice of Design within the Governance of the City’.

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